We enjoyed the spaciousness of your well-maintained property

Dear Mabel:
We wish to thank you very much for allowing us to spend some time in your lovely penthouse.
We had a marvelous time. We enjoyed the spaciousness of your well-maintained property, the views from the windows and as well, the panoramic view from the balcony.
We watched the golfers on the course across the road and the sheep too. The sheep were happily grazing and paying no heed to the golfers’ shouts of “fore”. Just joking! We were particularly amused one day when the usually calm sheep decided to get into a “free-for-all” butting match. We don’t know which one started the fracus but were thoroughly entertained by their antics.
We also enjoyed watching the horses and riders exercising along the beautiful beach which we could clearly see from the penthouse window.
There were plenty of things to do during our week there. We visited the very informative “Workhouse” Museum in Dunfanaghy and enjoyed the swans on the lake down the road from the museum.
There was also a visit to Glenveagh Castle and its magnificent views and gardens. Another day was spent visiting the surrounding villages for shopping and browsing.
This is a perfect location for golfers, hikers, sheep fans and persons who love “to come off the beaten track”. The rugged scenery of Northern Donegal is spectacular and should not be missed!

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